Member Testimonials

Through the extensive vendor network that helps support TPE and provides valuable information at the annual vendor show, YRC Worldwide has enjoyed faster responses on construction and better pricing.  Also, YRC can call on vendors when special problems arise and our TPE vendors are willing to go the extra mile to help us find the best solution.  That comes with building trust and good relationships through TPE. Recently, YRC Worldwide saved over $500,000 in commissions on sales that were negotiated direct with fellow TPE members.  Those savings go directly to the bottom line of the company.  While brokerage is still part of what we all do as TPE members, the ability to go direct to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords is a big part of being a TPE member.  

Brad Schroeder

YRC Worldwide, Inc.

“LTL Trucking companies utilize a distinctive cross-dock terminal design which is unique to this industry sector. The number of companies in this sector is few, and thus the universe of buyers an sellers for these unique structures is few. It is only logical that we buy and sell and trade among ourselves since this small industry sector comprises essentially all the demand and supply. TPE provides a medium by which members become acquainted and foster good business relationships. As a by-product of buying, selling, swapping and leasing within the group, TPE also offers educational forums geared specifically to our industry. In the past 20 years, ABF Freight System has purchased, sold, and swapped many times within the TPE membership circle, without any real estate broker engagement. "

Walter Echols

ABF Freight System, Inc.

"In the over ten years that I have been involved in the trucking industry, the relationships built through my involvement with the Terminal Properties Exchange have been invaluable. While I feel confident in saying that my company has saved over a hundred thousand dollars by doing direct deals with other members, that is only part of the benefit. The shared knowledge, vendor contacts and "open door" policy shared among these real estate professionals has created a source of information that allows me to do my job more efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis."

Angela Maidment

Estes Express Lines

Vendor Testimonial "The TPE is unique in its mission and quality of its membership. Belonging to the organization has not only afforded vendors and Pioneer access we would not otherwise have, but also gives us an opportunity to meet the "cream of the crop" of the trucking industry. Thank you."

Jerry Fleming

Pioneer Loading Dock Equipment